This product will turn your world around.

Forget about current paint mixing tools or shaking up your ink bottles manually. Inkwell is all you need to ensure brilliant colors at any time by storing up to 40 bottles simultaneously.


Let Inkwell work for you.

focus on your creativity

Concentrate on those activities customers pay for: be creative.

save time, stop shaking

Inkwell is your personal assistant, let it work for you.

save money, reduce leftovers

Say goodbye to dehydrated colors and clogged bottle caps.


Get ready - something really big is coming.


Designed & made in Austria, built for tattoo artists worldwide.

high-end components

Uncompromising choice of high-quality parts & materials.

stores almost any ink brand

No matter which ink brand you use, Inkwell will handle them all.

master the chaos

Stores up to 40 ink bottles, ensuring an organized workplace.


Dedicated to tattoo culture.


Easy to set up.

for DEALERS only

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